‘Tis the Season to Shop Local

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year like no other. Industries across the board have been impacted by closures and modifications, and we’ll feel the economic impact for months to come. Small businesses have undoubtedly been the hardest hit in this COVID-19 pandemic, and they need our help.

The Dana Point Chamber of Commerce encourages everyone to support our local business community this holiday season, and all year long, by putting your money where your heart is – Dana Point!

Residents are encouraged to “Keep the Cheer Here” and shop for the holidays early and often at their favorite local businesses, both in-person and online. With a variety of stores and restaurants to choose from, shoppers are sure to find a gift for everyone on their list.

View our Dana Point Chamber Member Directory for a category listing of local businesses, or browse the 2020 Destination Guide for gift inspiration, including our mouthwatering Dining Guide and guide to local adventures right here in Dana Point (like whale watching, parasailing and much more!).

Shop Dana Point: Loyal Local Gift Cards

Looking for the perfect gift that provides the best of what Dana Point has to offer? Look no further than our Loyal Local Gift Cards – a community gift card that’s accepted at retailers, restaurants and businesses all over Dana Point! These eGift cards are redeemable at participating businesses – and we’re adding more every day!

Buy Loyal Local gift cards for your upcoming business lunch, night out, or staycation! Your next Dana Point experience is waiting for you, sent directly to you as an email and/or text message.

Buy Loyal Local gift cards for your friends, family or colleagues! Send the Loyal Local E-Card directly to them as an email and/or text message. Gift a Dana Point experience for one or many – bulk e-card purchases available! These make great corporate holiday gifts as well!

Purchase your Loyal Local Gift Cards now and Shop Dana Point!

Why Should I Shop Dana Point?

  • Shopping local creates jobs.
    Most local stores hire within the community. Making them successful allows them to hire more people, which creates more jobs, and therefore more money spent locally!
  • Shopping local saves you money.
    It might appear cheaper in big box stores or online but every little bit counts…including gas and shipping. When you shop at the store that you can walk to you won’t have to pay for any of that!
  • Local, independent shops give back to the community.
    Most local businesses do a lot to support our communities through local charities, schools, and community events.
  • Great customer service.
    Studies have shown us time and time again that people receive great customer service when they shop local.
  • Local businesses support other local businesses.
    Local businesses employ a wide array of supporting services such as local architects, designers, sign shops, contractors, accountants, insurance brokers, computer consultants, attorneys etc.
  • Shopping local keeps services in business.
    Local shops go hand in hand with the local services such as the tailor, hairdresser and banker. If there are no shops then there are no services…which means you’d have to cut your own hair.
  • Keep dollars Local
    Fact: Locally owned businesses put a greater revenue share back into the local economy compared to chain stores.
  • Support entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneurship is what fuels America’s economy. Be patriotic! Support innovation and prosperity!
  • Help the environment.
    Not only are you helping your wallet by not spending money on transportation; you’re also helping the environment. Shopping local means less sprawl, congestion, habitat loss, and pollution.
  • Local shops offer unique products.
    Shopping locally provides you with the opportunity to discover something different. You’re not likely to find the same thing at a local store as you would at the mall.