Water Conservation Regulations Update

South Coast Water District, April 8th 2015

On April 7, the South Coast Water District Board of Directors approved a recommendation to move to a Level 2 Water Conservation Measure – Water Supply Warning, from Level 1, in harmony with Governor Brown’s Executive Order of April 1 mandating a 25% reduction in urban potable water usage state-wide.

This action continues the following Conservation Measures, which the District has had in effect:

  • Limit on landscape irrigation using potable water to 1 day a week between 5pm and 9am  (Residences water on Monday; Businesses, HOAs, Government entities, and Schools water on Wednesdays). Limit on watering to 10 minutes per sprinkler station
  • Prohibited to water lawns and vegetation causing water to runoff onto adjacent property or onto sidewalks roadways, and parking lots.
  • No hosing or washing down hard or paved surfaces
  • Retrofit of plumbing fixtures exclusively with water-conserving fixtures upon sale or transfer of Property ownership
  • Turn off irrigation systems when it rains
  • Commercial Food-Serving & Lodging Requirements
    • Water served only upon request
    • Option not to launder towels and linens
  • Commercial Car Wash must re-circulate the wash water

With this action, the following ADDITIONAL measures become effective April 22, 2015:

  • 25% Mandatory Reduction in Potable water usage District-wide compared to CY2013
  • Fix water leaks within 2 business days
  • No filling or refilling ornamental lakes and ponds
  • No filling or refilling residential pools or spas; if a residential pool is already full and water evaporates, can maintain a full pool by filling once a month
  • No hosing or washing down vehicles including autos, trucks, vans, buses, motorcycles, boats, and trailers except at a commercial car washing facility or by a commercial mobile detailer that uses its own source of water
  • Golf Courses are required to irrigate with recycled water if the District determines it is cost-effective and the customer is given a reasonable amount of time to make the conversion.
  • Where existing District recycled water mains, or those installed in the future, can reasonably serve, as determined by the District,  parks,  golf courses, landscaping within Homeowner Associations, sports fields, commercial, industrial, and institutional property, including schools, campuses, hospitals, resorts, and hotels, these customers must convert to recycled water irrigation and must connect to District recycled water mains.*  These customers will be given a reasonable amount of time to convert and connect to recycled water mains as determined by the District. (*Certain areas are subject to approval by the State of California and County of Orange, Health Care Agency.)
  • New construction of homes and buildings where potable water outside irrigation is delivered must use drip or micro-spray systems.
  • New multi-unit residential construction must include individual/dedicated water meter for each unit employing automatic meter reading technology.
  • Use of potable water to irrigate ornamental turf on public street medians is prohibited.

For more information please visit www.scwd.org