Member Spotlight: Total Wellness OC

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Dr. Tracey Diner has been a chiropractor for 23 years. She was the founder and operator of Total Wellness Center in Studio City, Ca for 15 years where she was well renowned and respected as a leader in her field. She was the “Chiropractor to the Stars” with many of her patients in the movie industry both in front and behind the camera. She has been the chiropractor to professional athletic teams as well as professional players in football, track and field, rugby, basketball and Olympic athletes.
Dr. Diner spent years in post graduate studies to better her ability to help her patients. She is certified in Applied Kinesiology ( muscle testing ), Cranial adjusting, S.O.T technique (a very gentle approach to relieving low back pain) and nutrition. She is an expert in relieving Migraines and headaches. Dr. Diner studied cranial adjusting because she had close friends who suffered with migraines and no one was able to help them, so she searched until she found the solutions to help them. She delivers both gentle and safe manual diversified adjusting or can use more gentle means of adjusting with the activator technique or use mechanical adjusting tools; the Arthrostim and Percussor.
Dr. Diner received her doctorate degree, Cum Laude, from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1992 and received her BA in Psychology from UCLA.
Dr. Diner’s interests include traveling the world, scuba diving, skiing, biking, and learning. She fulfilled a dream of giving back and a few years ago went on a medical mission to Kenya where she traveled with the medical director of Kenya and delivered medications, wheel chairs, mosquito netting, microscopes to 15 remote villages throughout Kenya.