Member Spotlight: Jack’s Restaurant

Seventeen years ago, Jack’s Restaurant opened its doors fulfilling the longtime vision of its namesake, Jack Loconsolo, and introducing Dana Point to a new way of dining. JAR96
That’s a near two-decade-long journey that has not only seen a transformation in the restaurant location’s identity from a 50s-style diner to a casual, fine dining eatery, but also a revolutionary development within the food and restaurant cultures as consumers have emphasized their desire to learn more about their fare like how it was grown, where it was sourced and whether or not it was ethically raised. 
It’s a culinary self-discovery voyage that Loconsolo himself has traveled, coming out healthier, refreshed and empowered. He’s now sharing his way of living-and eating-with the patrons of Jack’s by serving all-grass fed New Zealand beef, wild-caught fish, sustainable seafood and seasonal, organic produce. 
“We are an evolving restaurant, ” Loconcolo said. “We started primarily serving thin crust pizza and traditional Italian … and we’ve evolved into serving healthy, clean foods. This evolution all started when I began looking at how I eat and what I look for in food-and that is what I want to offer to my guests. ” 
Loconsolo, a Brooklyn-native proudly carrying his New York accent, has long been involved in the food trade. Growing up, he learned old-world Italian recipes from his mother. She herself was schooled by her mother, an Irish immigrant named Anna, whose Italian sister-in-laws shared their treasured culinary secrets. From the family kitchen to their pizzerias in New York, Loconsolo soaked in the knowledge.