Member Spotlight: 2nd Hand Treasures

Who doesn’t love discovering a gem at a bargain price? 2nd Hand Treasures owners Ziad Mahshi and Helen Chade-Mahshi love the hunt and share their unique finds at their Doheny Village resale shop. Offering an eclectic mix of furniture and home décor, the couple offers antique as well as contemporary furnishings, collectables, artwork, lighting and jewelry. Since 2011, loyal area customers have received exceptional service, value and a continual variety of merchandise, making 2nd Hand Treasures the City of Dana Point’s September’s Business of the Month.

2nd hand treasures

Please provide a brief history of your business: We opened our business in 2011. We researched the business for about ten years while we worked our corporate jobs. We had always wanted an entrepreneurial venture, so when the space opened, we jumped on the opportunity. 

Why did you join the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce?

The Dana Point Chamber of Commerce supports the local business community, so we felt it was important to join. We feel supported by the Chamber. 

In what areas of the Chamber are you involved?

 We have worked with the Dana Point Chamber to create a voice amongst the merchants in Doheny Village about the specific challenges we have in this area, and to impact progress and change within this community. 

Can you tell us a fun fact about your business that most people wouldn’t know?

 At one time, we were considering opening a coffeehouse. But then we started exploring the resale market and loved its creativity and ever-changing nature. Ziad loves antiques. Helen loves casual, beach-style furniture. Our combined tastes create an eclectic look that customers seem to enjoy. 

Do you have any piece of advice for new businesses owners?

 Be patient. Sometimes the results you’re looking for take longer than you anticipate. Honesty, consistency and good customer service are very important.