Dana Point Symphony offers up an incredible experience on March 7th and 8th

The Dana Point Symphony will feature a one-of-a-kind event on the Pilgrim in March.

The Dana Point Symphony will feature a one-of-a-kind event on the Pilgrim in March.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience a Symphony Spectacular!

On March 7 and 8th, 2014, the Dana Point Symphony will present Symphony Spectacular aboard the Pilgrim, a three-masted schooner, in collaboration with the Festival of Whales, South Orange County School for the Arts, OC Parks, The City of Dana Point and the Ocean Institute. An ocean themed extravaganza with the Symphony, opera divas, dancers, singers from South Orange County School of the Arts, and high-flying aerialists from Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles  – the audience will be transported through a spectacle never seen before in Dana Point. The story will weave the experiences of Richard Henry Dana, the founder of Dana Point – and the turmoil of life at sea – into a high-flying adventure. Pirates, mermaids, heroes and villains will emerge from the Pilgrim in a dramatic musical spectacle aimed to make the Pilgrim, Dana Point and its cultural life culminate in a not to miss event.  Classical music, as well as musical theater, and movie music, will be sewn together in a 60-minute performance. The audience will be immersed in the production – as they will be seated on the actual Pier. The audience will be a key element as a mirror of what transpires on the ship, and also looking into its own history and heart as a community. By re-contextualizing the Dana Point Symphony – the audience will form a strong bond with their community, and symphonic music as an art form. This project will bring together all elements of the community together into a production that will call on the efforts of many.  Never before have all of these players worked together in unison on a musical event of this proportion. The Saturday Matinee will be free for all children under 15.  

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