Council Approves Lantern District Parking Plan

Photo: Instagram/TheShwack

Photo: Instagram/TheShwack

Excerpt: Madison Jaros – The OC Register

At its July 21 meeting, the Dana Point City Council voted 3-2 to approve a parking plan that has been almost two years in the making. Mayor Carlos Olvera, Mayor Pro Tem John Tomlinson, and Councilman Joe Muller voted for the plan, while council members Scott Schoeffel and Richard Viczorek voted against it.

Presented by project consultant and Nelson Nygaard principal Patrick Siegman, the plan proposed new parking standards that city staff said they believed would make Town Center more pedestrian-friendly.

The problem with Town Center parking is not that there’s too little, but that there’s too much, Siegman said. During peak hours, 44 percent of Town Center parking remains empty. Siegman said this is because most available parking is in small, private lots that are relatively vacant, but not open to the public.

In other news:
* The Council unanimously approved Doheny Park Road interim improvements, which are expected to cost around $198,400. In its report, city staff said it planned to repair aging sidewalks, add trashcans throughout the area, improve holiday lighting and keep Doheny Park Road well-lit by encouraging businesses to keep their outdoor lighting on until midnight.
* City staff submitted their monthly update on the Doheny Village project. The staff plans to be finished with its economic analysis of the area in late August. In addition, the Council approved the contract to Opticos Design Inc. to create a form-based code that will create the zoning standards for Doheny Village.

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